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Healthy Bathua Paratha

Short Description on the Recipe

One of the most well-known healthy parathas (flatbreads) in Indian cuisine is the bathua paratha. Since we have such wonderful options for greens to incorporate in our everyday meals, I think we all look forward to winter. Winter means parathas for breakfast for a Punjabi-born person like me: Methi, Palak, or stuffed parathas.

Why We Love this Recipe

Extremely nutrient-dense and weight-loss friendly. Most importantly, bathua is regarded as a fantastic diabetic diet that can be easily converted to be gluten-free and vegan by using fresh bathua leaves.


1) Fresh Bathua (Chenopodium Album) leaves are the most important kind. Methi (fenugreek) leaves, Palak (spinach), or Kale leaves can be used in place of bathua. 2) Wheat Flour: I enjoy using wheat flour a lot. We purchase wheat flour from a Chakki nearby (Mill). The wheat flour and leaves have been mixed together. Feel free to stuff some leaves in there as well. 3) Spices: Adding a chopped green chilli to the dough gives it the ideal amount of heat. To the dough, I also add salt, carom seeds, red chilli powder, garam masala, and amchur/lemon juice.


Step 1) Classify Bathua leafs. They should be well washed before being boiled in water in a pan. Be sure to hydrate the leaves. The time it takes for leaves to soften and turn dark green is about ten minutes. After sifting the boiling leaves, allow them to cool. Step 2) Get a sizable parath (steel broad pan). Add salt, ajwain, green and red chilies, cooked leaves, wheat flour, and combine to form a somewhat stiff dough. Step 3) Give the dough a 15-minute rest. Then, shape a small ball of flour-dusted flour onto a rolling pin to form a flat bread (chapati). Put it on a hot iron tawa and cook it slowly. To cook from one side, it takes around 2-3 minutes. Flip and cook from other side. Apply desi ghee when flipped and if you wish to make a chapati instead of paratha (avoid ghee at this step) Step 4)   The crispy and spicy bathua paratha are ready. Serve with your favorite achar and curd.
TIPS: To ensure that the dough is sufficiently tight, the boiling leaves must be cooled before being added to the wheat flour. The dough should be formed a little tighter and added water gradually since leafy vegetables release water. Otherwise, the dough will be difficult to roll. Before placing rolled paratha on a heated tawa, make sure the tawa is hot. To make a paratha that is crispy, simmer the flame and cook it slowly. The best tawa is iron. The idea that paratha would adhere to it is a fantasy. For optimum results, you should cook on a medium or slow flame rather than a high temperature.  

Preparation Time

50 minutes

How does the recipe Taste Like 

Recipe for flaky parathas with boiling bathua Everyone hankers after the paratha because of its brilliant colour, mild pepper flavour, and salty flavour from the bathua.



Calorie Per Serving 

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