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Stuffed Cauliflower Paratha( Lunch)

Short Description on the Recipe

These whole wheat flatbreads called cauliflower paratha are made without yeast and filled with a mixture of seasoned, flavorful, grated cauliflower. it complements bowel of curd the finest.

Why We Love this Recipe

As it is healthy for the heart and weight loss. Gobi (cauliflower): Due to its incredibly low carb content, cauliflower does not cause blood sugar levels to rise. You get 100% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin C from one cup of cauliflower.


For Stuffing : 1) 2 teaspoons oil 2) 1 teaspoon ginger, or arak for stuffing (grated) 3) 2 cups shredded gobi or cauliflower 4) 12 tsp each of turmeric and haldi 5) 12 tsp each of Kashmiri red chili powder and lal mirch 6)12 tsp each of coriander and dandiya powder 7)12 tsp each of cumin and jeera powder 8) 12 tsp each of garam masala 9)12 tsp each of amchur (finely chopped) 10) Salt as per your requirement 11) Finely chopped coriander For Chapati/ Paratha Dough 1) 1 cup whole wheat flour or atta 2) salt to taste 3) 1 tsp oil or ghee 4) water as needed for kneading 5)and 1/4 cup wheat flour for dusting. For roasting  chapati or paratha dough. ghee or oil as necessary


Gobi Stuffing : The first step in making Gobi stuffing heat oil and sauté ginger. Sauté for 5 minutes after adding more grated cauliflower (Gobi). Salt and all spices should also be added( this would be as per the taste) Good sautéing Add the coriander leaves last, then set aside. Assembling and Rolling Gobi Paratha : To start, pinch a medium-sized ball of chapati dough and roll it out to about 5 inches in diameter. Place the prepared stuffing in the center. Begin pleating from the edge and work your way to the centre. and press the pleats from the center. Sprinkle with flour and roll out to the size of a chapati. Roasting Gobi Paratha :  First, place the rolled paratha on a hot tava and cook both sides. Also, add oil or ghee and gently press. Finally, serve the hot Gobi parathas with sauce, raita, or pickle on the side( some prefer to choose curd )

Preparation Time

45 minutes

How does the recipe Taste Like 

The soft and tasty cauliflower filling flavored with spicy green chilies makes gobi paratha so appealing… The dish has a gingery flavor. If you like ginger, you’ll enjoy this quick and easy variation.



Calorie Per Serving 

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